Letters of Support

Involvement of Other Communities

Because of the presence of the Catholic Chapel and the Mansions inside the Heritage Complex, the proposal was also communicated to the Latin Community in Cyprus. A Letter of Support was received by H.E. Mr Mantovani (the Parliamentary Representative) and the community offered to contribute by using the services of professionals in the field and CVs of these persons were submitted. Letters of Support were also submitted by European MPs and descendants of the Diacono and the Lapierre families.

Special mention should be made here to the enthusiastic support received from the Konteans of Great Britain through the President of the “Kontea Association of Great Britain”, Mr. Pericles Andreou, and Secretary, Mrs. Maria Paschali, and to the host of friends of Kontea from Germany, France, Greece, Australia, the United States, Guernsey Islands and the West Indies.

Invaluable advisory assistance and participation continues to be received from the Pentakomo Project team. The support and active involvement of the current residents of Kontea has been, and will undoubtedly continue to be, a crucial factor in the process of the proposal outcome.

Relevant Authorities

Once the decision was taken to proceed with the proposal, a number of letters were prepared and sent to local authorities and the Church of Cyprus, in order to make the project's intentions known and ask for their positive approach on the issue.

In addition, letters were sent to Bishop Vassilios of Tremythounta (Area responsible) and to the following: local ministries: Interior, Exterior, Education & Culture, and Tranport. (for the Department of Antiquities)

Professional Bodies

The proposal was also communicated to relevant Professional Bodies on both sides and letters of support were received from ETEK (Technical Chamber of Cyprus), SEM (Cyprus Engineers Association), SEPAIK, TOLMI and the Chamber of Cyprus Turkish Architects & Engineers, KTMMOB (The Chamber of Cyprus Turkish Engineers and Architects) who have worked on similar projects in the past. Please see Cyprus Temples.

Service providers

A number of experts in the services (Human Resources, Quantity Surveying, Electromechanical Services, Health & Safety Inspectors, Civil Engineers, Administrators, Secretarial posts), have very willingly submitted their CVs. Their knowledge and experience will be invaluable assets for ensuring project success.


A number of academics have also shown a keen interest in working on the project and have supplied their CVs. While the proposal is being implemented, the organization will inform local and foreign institutions via presentations, in order to attract the attention of field experts. As an example, the study of the Mansion, Chapel and Aqueducts could become a case study for university scholars.