Wednesday, March 1st 2006

Call by UNDP to attend a workshop on the Action for Cooperation and Trust (ACT) Programme

Friday, March 3rd 2006

Mr. C. Pericleous representing the Kontea Refugee Association and the Kontea Community Council attends the workshop "Building Bridges across the Divide" at UNDP Headquarters, Nicosia Old Airport.

Saturday, March 11th 2006

Visit to Kontea by TC and GC architects and engineers to assess the potential of a proposal for the Kontea Historical Sites preservation.

Tuesday, March 14th 2006

Meeting of the Kontea Refugee Association Council and the Kontea Community Council in Larnaca, Cyprus. Mr. C. Pericleous appointed and authorized to act on behalf of the above and file an application to UNDP on Kontea Heritage Preservation.

Saturday, March 18th 2006

Introductory meeting between the two project steering committees (TC and GC) in Kontea, exploring the possibilities of cooperation.

Saturday, March 25th 2006

DVD filmed on location the Kontea Heritage Complex by CrewHouse Television. Engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, safety officer assess project details on site.

Monday, March 27th 2006

UNDP and architects meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus, to clarify application details. Meeting with Kontea Cooperative Bank Council, which decided on supporting the project financially.

Saturday, April 1st 2006

TC and GC architects and engineers groups assess project details on site.

Tuesday, April 4th 2006

First DVD presentation with representatives from the Kontea Refugee Association and the Community Council (a total of 22 members) present. Letters of Support signed by members.

Wednesday, April 5th 2006

Letters of Intent received from the Kontea Community Association of Great Britain. In addition, letters sent to authorities and the Church informing them of the application proposal.

Friday, April 7th 2006

The Kontea Heritage Presentation Proposal was submitted to UNDP Nicosia, Cyprus.


Signing of contracts and commencement of works with funding from UNDP-ACT.