Mission Statement

  • The establishment of a sustainable development of cultural preservation for the benefit of an improved socioeconomic environment for the residents of the village today and for the future, and for the old residents and the new generation to re-connect with their cultural heritage.
  • The dedication in identifying, preserving, protecting and promoting our cultural heritage and the commitment to celebrating the people, places and events that have influenced our past and that continue to shape our culture.
  • The Foundation operates as a non-governmental body, free from political, religious or commercial interests.
  • All activities are based on respect for all creeds, gender, ideology, the environment, the religious and social practices and on strengthening the democratic principles that will permit the attainment of the mission within a context of tolerance, cooperation and trust.

Specific objectives

  • Rescue, protect and use the monuments and carry out activities, which will encourage the involvement of the communities.
  • Draw the attention of visitors and scholars from academic institutions locally and internationally for the study of the monuments and culture within the socio-economic and political context.
  • Strengthen the ties between the communities through a process of learning about each other via joint activities for the population of the village and the exchange of knowledge between the teams of experts working for the project.
  • Through collaboration between the communities, create a platform of co-operation between the old and present residents and specialists working in the rehabilitation sector (researchers, architects, engineers, contractors, craftsmen, academics, etc).
  • Aim towards keeping rehabilitated areas alive by introducing new leisure, economic and cultural activities by creating value based on culture and helping small-scale business to acquire a head start.
  • Preserve the historical and cultural identity of the architectural heritage.
  • Maintain continuous usage and keep buildings and sites in good order.
  • Work for the sustainability of the outcome by organising events and activities.
  • Raise funds for continual upgrading and expansion of services and facilities to enable the project outcome to become financially self sustained.
  • Form subcommittees where deemed necessary for better results.
  • Promote project proposal to residents and to the broader public for a successful outcome.
  • Encourage the active involvement of both genders in all working groups.
  • Encourage volunteer participation.
  • Display a determination to preserve and protect our cultural heritage to form a core for further expansion and serve the project motto ëíKeepers of Each Otherís Cultureíí.