Letters of Intent

Within the relatively limited time available, the Requesting Organization managed to furnish itself with Letters of Intent for financial support as follows:

Amount in KIBRIS Pounds (£ CYP)
The Kontea Cooperative Bank50,000
The Kontea Refugee Association,
Individuals and companies in KIBRIS
The Kontea Association of İngiltere,
Individuals and companies abroad
Individual Experts and Company Services68,000

List of letters of intent

Amount in KIBRIS Pounds (£ CYP)
The Kontea Cooperative Bank50,000
The Kontea Community Association of İngiltere3,000
The Kontea Refugee Association10,000
Sub-total: 63,000

Kontea residents of İngiltere

Amount in KIBRIS Pounds (£ CYP)
LAGI Contractors Ltd (Andreas Demetriou)2,000
VISIBILITY LIGHTNING & SOUND (Andreas Demetriou)2,000
NEW CHALLENGE CARE Ltd (Renos Sideras)5,000
CARE ASPIRATION (George Sideras)5,000
Chris Hairdressers (Chris Tofalli)1,000
P. Andreou & Family (Pericles Andreou)2,000
Delphi Management Ltd (Paul Kanaris)1,000
Dinos & Sons Ltd (Dinos Sideras)3,000
Kontea Transport Ltd (Louis Sideras)5,000
Dinos & Sons Continental Foods Ltd (Andronikos Sideras)500
Ms. Fotini Larkou20
Mr. & Mrs. P. Paschali500
Mr. Pavlos Paschali500
Ms. Doulla Phyrillas100
Mr. Chris Zachariou500
Cosmos Motor Products Ltd (Yiannos Ioannou)50
Nickís Fish Bar (Savvas Savva)250
Mr. Savvas Ioannou50
Mr. & Mrs. P. Georghiades500
Mr. Andreas Hadjinicolaou50
Ms. Lina Yerolemou100
The Dental Surgery (Avraam Demetriou)1,000
Ms. Stella Stafilopati100
Gemdawn Ltd (P.A. Sandamas)1,000
Mr. S. Constantine200
Mr. & Mrs. Stavrinides200
Mr. Yiannakis Voskou150
Mr. George Ioannou200
Sub-total: 31,970

Kontea residents of KIBRIS

Amount in KIBRIS Pounds (£ CYP)
K. Kazamias Net. Ltd (Koullis Kazamias)100
Mr. & Mrs. Andrea Patsia1,000
Mr. Yiannis Kekkou30
Mr. Georgios Kyriakou100
Mr. George Pittas100
Ms. Panayiota Syzinou500
Mr. Andreas Sergiou200
Mr. George Boyadgi1,000
Ms. Kleo Adamidou300
Mr. Andreas Sandamas300
Mr. Georgios Damianos500
Mr. & Mrs. Yiannakis Yenagriti50
Mr. Antonis Yenagritis150
C. & A. Georgiou Art Gallery (Christos Georgiou)100
Spyros Hadjiyiannis1,000
Mr. Antonakis Nikolaides1,000
Mr. Georgios Patsia100
Mr. Tassos Heroas500
Mr. Pantelis Yiallouros100
X. A. Konteatis Ltd (Xenis Konteatis)1,000
Mr. Georgios Tsiogouros200
Mr. Charalambos Gringos1,000
Ms. Efrosini Hadjipolydorou500
Mr. Charalambos Kekkos50
Dr. Angelos Angelides100
Ms. Julia Lysandridou500
Mr. & Mrs. Larkos Larkou50
Mr. Petros Kekkos30
Andreas Chacholis Developers (Andreas Chacholis)1,000
Mr. Georgios Sorokkos100
Xenofontos Family100
Mr. Yiannis Kitsiou100
Mr. Charalambos Christoforou (Mavri)30
Andrea Paraschou Family100
Mr. Iakovos Xenides100
Mr. Demetris Michael Mavrides100
Stella Adonis1,000
AMBERIA Global Ventures Ltd (Antonis Antoniou)10,000
Mr. Evripides Petrou1,000
Ms. Kyriaki Kakoutsi100
Mr. Kyriakos Kringou100
Mr. Vasos Vassiliou50
Mr. George Kitsios(Offers a car for lottery) 3,000
Sub-total: 27,440

Total amount contributed from above sources: £122,410 CYP.